Wills, Trusts & Probate


None of us like to face the thought of getting older, but it happens to us all and one day you will not be around to provide for your family or loved ones. You can however prepare for that day by making sure your possessions, money and property are given to people that you want to benefit.

We can help prepare your Will or update your Will for you. By making a Will now or updating your Will that you already have, you can:-

  • Provide certainty for your family,
  • Have control over who inherits your property, rather than letting the Law decide
  • Appoint guardians for young children.
  • Provide for your children when they are older.
  • Increase the amount of money available to your family or friends by taking steps to reduce Inheritance Tax.
  • Make gifts of money to family and charities.
  • Make arrangements for the running of your business.

Our charges are based on the amount of work we have to carry out.  We will however normally be able to work to a fixed fee.

When someone dies it is a stressful time in any family. At Highcross Law we can try and ease the process of Probate for you and help the Executors in the Will or family members entitled to inherit to deal with the often complicated paperwork in an efficient and cost effective way.

When someone dies, it is usually necessary, whether they have made a Will or not, to obtain a Court Order to deal with their financial affairs. If they have left a Will, the Court Order is called a Grant of Probate and if they have died without a Will, a Grant of Letters of Administration is required.  These document gives your Executors / Administrators authority to distribute your estate, either in accordance with your wishes specified within your Will or in accordance with the Laws of Intestacy

If you die without making a Will, your assets will be distributed in accordance with Intestacy Laws and this may be contrary to your wishes. Contact our team for further advice and assistance.